We fix discontinued and obsolete office machines including fax machines, typewriters and calculators

We Recycle Office Machines Responsibly

Everything has a life span and that includes technology. No matter how well made a product is, there will come a time when spare parts can no longer be sourced to repair it and it needs to be recycled. Worryingly electronic waste (or e-waste) is the fastest growing domestic waste stream and measures currently in place to deal with this are not sufficient. We want to do our bit to help by recycling office machines responsibly when they reach the end of their working lives.

Take Back Scheme

Every customer who buys a new or refurbished machine from CRC can recycle their old office machine through us  free of charge  , you only need to pay for costs incurred for sending us the your machine. We take items on a one-for-one basis, where the new equipment is of a similar type and has the same function as the old equipment and the item is sent to us within one month of the date of purchase of the replacement product.

If a machine cannot be repaired or refurbished then CRC will ensure that any re-usable parts are made use of, and then we pass machines onto our professional recycling partner,  Tech Recycle, who strip machines down further into re-usable parts and dispose of potentially harmful materials responsibly.

On average we pass on 150 office machines to Tech Recycle every month who provide us with a recycle certificate to prove they are disposed of correctly. Enabling e-waste businesses like Tech Recycle to grow is a key part of shifting our economy to a more sustainable model so that businesses can still be profitable and do their bit to protect the environment.