Dymo Rhino 6000+ Industrial Label Printer Kit 2122967 - (Replaces Rhino 6000 Kit S0771940)

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Barcode: 3026981229671


Product Features

  • Robust Industrial Design: Built to endure tough working conditions, the Rhino 6000+ features a rugged construction that is resistant to dust, moisture, and impacts, ensuring reliable performance in challenging environments.
  • High-Quality Label Printing: With a resolution of up to 300 dpi, this label printer delivers crisp and clear labels, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from cable labelling to equipment identification.
  • Time-Saving Hot Keys: The printer features customisable function keys that allow users to access frequently used label formats and settings with a single press, speeding up the labelling process.
  • Large Backlit Display: The integrated backlit screen makes it easy to preview label designs before printing, minimising errors and ensuring accurate labels.
  • Auto-Cutter: The built-in automatic cutter trims labels to the desired length, reducing waste and providing a professional finish.
  • Wide Label Compatibility: The printer supports a variety of label sizes and materials, including heat-shrink tubes, polyester labels, self-laminating wire markers, and more, offering versatility for different labelling requirements.
  • Advanced Labelling Functions: The Rhino 6000+ offers specialised labelling features like barcoding, serialisation, and flagging, enhancing organisation and traceability in industrial settings.
  • Memory and Connectivity: The printer includes ample memory for storing label templates, and it offers connectivity options such as USB and PC compatibility for seamless label creation and data management.
  • Built-in Symbols and Graphics: A comprehensive library of symbols, graphics, and industry-specific templates is included, making it easy to create standardised labels quickly.
  • Battery and Power Options: The printer can be powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, offering portability for on-the-go labeling tasks, and it can also be used with an AC adapter for extended use
  • Software Integration: The Rhino Connect software (included) enables easy label design on a computer and allows users to import data from spreadsheets for batch printing, increasing efficiency for large labelling projects.
  • Durable Labels: The printer is compatible with a variety of label materials designed to withstand harsh environments, ensuring longevity and readability of labels over time.
  • Uses Label Sizes: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 19mm, 24mm
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Product Description

Introducing the Dymo Rhino 6000+ Industrial Label Printer Kit 2122967 – the ultimate labelling solution that merges unparalleled efficiency with eco-friendly innovation. Crafted for the modern professional seeking precision and sustainability, this cutting-edge label printer is a must-have for a wide range of industries and applications.

Engineered to cater to the diverse needs of professionals, the Dymo Rhino 6000+ is the go-to tool for electricians, facilities managers, warehouse supervisors, and more. It seamlessly labels cables, wires, equipment, shelves, and beyond, ensuring optimal organisation and streamlining processes. From construction sites to manufacturing floors, the Rhino 6000+ excels in any demanding environment.

This kit has an eco-conscious design. Mindful of environmental impact, the Rhino 6000+ incorporates energy-saving technology, reducing power consumption while maintaining peak performance. Additionally, the printer kit includes a reimagined label cartridge system, minimising material waste and promoting sustainable labelling practices.

Equipped with an intuitive interface, users can easily customise labels, choose fonts, and add graphics, all through an integrated touchscreen display. The Rhino 6000+ boasts lightning-fast printing speeds and durable labels that withstand harsh conditions, ensuring longevity even in the toughest settings.

With an emphasis on user convenience, this kit comes complete with: the printer itself, label cartridges (24mm) 1” Flexible Nylon Blk/Wht Tape, (9mm) 3/8” Vinyl Blk/Wht Tape), rechargeable battery pack, AC adapter, and a durable carrying case, and link to download Free DYMO ID Software.

The Dymo Rhino 6000+ Industrial Label Printer Kit 2122967 is more than just a labelling tool – it's a statement of efficiency, precision, and environmental responsibility. Experience the power of seamless organisation while contributing to a greener tomorrow. Elevate your labelling tasks today with the industry-leading Rhino 6000+.

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